Last updated: 11/11/23

Hi, I'm Huw. Currently a Technical Consultant (Tech Lead) at CACI IIG but with a background in Data Science. You can find out more about my career through my LinkedIn, I can send a CV on request.

What I’m interested in


I'm at a crossroads in my professional life currently. Historically I've been a Data Scientist who has gradually transitioned into MLOps and now into Software Engineering.

I still have a strong interest in MLOps, so much so that I started a website dedicated to it.

What I am looking towards now as I move into my 30's is where I can be best placed to improve the lives of those around me and in society. To that end I've had a look at 80,000 hours, although I'm not fully convincned on it. Maybe I'll write about that soon.


My interests change as much as the weather so this likely won't be up to date:

I'm going to start putting my thoughts and longer form pieces here for people to read. There will be a mix of my technical discussions and non-technical pursuits as well.

Outside work

I'm a husband and father to two, a Christian and a big Star Trek fan (TNG is the best).