Hi, I’m Huw. Currently a Technical Consultant (Tech Lead) at CACI IIG but with a background in Data Science. You can find out more about my career through my LinkedIn, I can send a CV on request.

What I’m interested in


I’m at a crossroads in my professional life currently. Historically I’ve been a Data Scientist who has gradually transitioned into MLOps and now into Software Engineering.

I still have a strong interest in MLOps, so much so that I started a website dedicated to it. But I’m starting to feel burnt out by working for companies.

My dream is to find my niche that I can work independently in to generate enough income to pursure things I find more fulfilling.


My interests change as much as the weather so this likely won’t be up to date:

I’m going to start putting my thoughts and longer form pieces here for people to read. There will be a mix of my technical discussions and non-technical pursuits as well.

Outside work

I’m a husband and Father to two, a big Star Trek fan and a practicing Christian.