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Hi I'm Huw

Data Scientist, Analyst & Strategist

Currently: Lead Data Scientist at Admiral Financial Services

About Me

I'm a Father, Husband and Data Expert based in Cardiff, Wales. I love to help clients uncover the value of data and translate their business needs into actionable solutions. In my spare time I enjoy doing web (Nuxt, Django) and app (Flutter) development and reading/studying Theology.

What I do

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Data Science

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence. I work with clients to cut through the buzz and find predictive solutions that help automate business decisions.

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Data Analytics

I help clients understand what their data is telling them. Whether it's understanding customer experience or identify gaps in a supply chain I find the answers to your known and unknown questions.

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Data Strategy

I love working with clients to unpack how their data capability can be built and improved to gain better insights and deliver more value to customers.

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If you have a project that I can lend my skills to or just want a chat then get in touch!

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