The Garden

The Entrance

Welcome to the garden! From here you can go down different paths to explore and discover. At the moment there aren’t many paths but that will change over time. As you go down one avenue you may find yourself coming back out another. These interconnecting avenues are the great thing about Digital Gardens, they allow information to cross pollinate and not be confined to specific categories.

Rules of the garden:

  1. Imperfect is better than nothing - Digital Gardens are not meant to be polished and finished. By definition they are meant to grow and change over time. It’s better to capture something imperfectly than not at all
  2. It’s not a dumping ground - Like you wouldn’t fly tip in your real garden, you shouldn’t dump anything and everything in your digital garden. The goal isn’t to be a digital hoarder but to capture and engage with information that is interesting.
  3. It’s meant to be enjoyed - Maintaining a garden can be hard work, planting, pruning, landscaping, but that is so you can sit and appreciate it. Being a digital hoarder means grabbing information and sticking it somewhere that you will never likely look again. Being intentional with the garden and exploring it makes the maintenance a joy rather than a burden.


Book Notes

Here is where I capture notes I’ve made about books. Eventually those notes will be broken out into their topical counterparts but they will remain linked here.

Book Notes

Reading List

The Reading List captures topics that I want to look into but haven’t had a chance to yet

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