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Data Science is about more than Data.
It's about adding value.

Data Science is about more than Data.

It's about adding value.

Data Science courses have been churning out half-truths for too long.

“Do some Kaggle competitions”, “Have a portfolio of projects”, “Implement a neural network from scratch”. You’d be crazy not to do them but it’s not the end goal of Data Science.

Sounds counterintuitive right? This is what we’re told will land us the top jobs. But in reality it only helps you get good at using the tools. It doesn’t make you effective at solving the business problems you’ll be faced with.

To be the killer Data Scientist that companies want you need to combine your Data Science skills with business acumen. 

Get the edge you need to get ahead.

With experience of delivering data-driven results for clients across Government, Automotive, Retail, FMCG and Financial Services I know the challenges that Data Scientists face when interacting with businesses.

Take a look below at how I can help you kick start your Data Science journey or accelerate it if you’ve already begun.

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How I can help.

Career Coaching

Looking to make that first step in Data Science but aren’t sure where to start?

With my coaching sessions I’ll work closely with you to understand your goals to make sure you’re on the right path to success.

Data Science contains a variety of roles that require different skills and approaches. Through these sessions I’ll deliver for you a roadmap on how to reach your dream job.

Resume Reviews

The average Resume is only read for 30 seconds before a decision is made.

Structuring your Resume for maximum effect is critical to landing that first interview.

To make sure you make the most impact I’ll review your Resume and provide you with guidance on how to make it perfect over a video call.

Long-term Mentoring

Already a Data Scientist but trying to figure out how to grow?

Faced with a professional problem and need someone to provide guidance?

I provide long-term mentoring services to help you develop not just your Data Science skills but also your leadership ability.

Want to start adding value?