Huw Fulcher

Software Engineer, MLOps specialist

Maintaining your online presence

November 22, 2022

With the recent shakeup at Twitter and Twitter 2.0 incoming I’ve been thinking about what it means to reside on the Internet and have a place in it. What I capture in this post is not meant to be authoritative but a way to flesh out some thoughts and ideas.

The Internet is about information first

The Internet has always had at its foundation the sharing of knowledge. When the World Wide Web was first created it was for the purpose of sharing information between institutions and individuals. This ability to share information (almost) freely and widely has contributed massively to the development of society.

Whether we scroll a news feed, watch a video or

Twitter obfuscates the sharing of information

Federated services like Mastodon offer a way to rediscover the World Wide Web

Blue Tick Twitter re-emphasises the need for maintaining your identity online

Having a website is a good way to contribute to the network

Twitter 2.0 is an opportunity for positive change, regardless of Elon Musk

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